Group and Restructuring Reliefs in the UAE Corporate Tax

From June 1, 2023, the UAE is going to introduce corporate tax. Under the current guidelines, businesses that earn taxable profits of over AED 375,000 will pay 9% corporate tax. However, businesses with annual taxable income of less than AED 375,000 will have 0% corporate tax. In order to become an […]

Corporate Tax for the Oil and Gas Industry in the UAE

The UAE has always been famous for its business-friendly policies. These policies attracted a heavy amount of foreign investment from large multinational corporations and investors. However, in order to diversify income sources other than tourism and oil, the UAE is implementing a new corporate tax (CT) from June 1, 2023. Federal […]

Impact of Corporate Tax on SMEs in the UAE

A corporate tax is a tax that is applicable to the taxable profits of a company. Taxable profit is the profit after all allowable expenses as per the tax laws of a country. In the UAE, the concept of corporate tax is under debate after the introduction of a new law, […]