As every company in UAE is required to maintain “Commercial Books”, our team of professionally qualified accountants can maintain your books on a monthly basis in accordance with applicable laws and standards to ensure accuracy.

Didn’t know you needed to maintain “Commercial Books”? Don’t have your books ready for the last year or so? Or Just need assistance in migrating financial data to better accounting software. You can count on CZTA professionals to prepare your books for the previous period with the information you may have at hand.

We can handle everything from raising an invoice to a customer, making payments to suppliers, maintaining cash flow and providing valuable Management reports which can enable you to focus on what actually matters-generating profits

Having a target in sight can help you align your resource towards your goals. We can assist you with developing a plan, preparing customised budgets for your company and provide regular advice to ensure you reach your goals.

You may need to get your accounts audited for many reasons, fulfilling your annual obligations towards respective authorities, applying for credit facility or just to ensure everything is in order as it should be. We can assist you with getting your books audited with approved auditors.

We also help our clients with other services like Internal Audit, Payroll processing, training for proper use of accounting software, Accounts Review, etc