Tax Losses in Corporate Tax: Key Factors in the UAE

The UAE is implementing the corporate tax on June 1, 2023. In order to remain attractive for businesses, the UAE has set the standard rate of corporate tax at 9%. However, this 9% rate only applies to businesses that have taxable profits of over AED 375,000. Businesses with taxable profits of […]

Managing Cash Flows in the UAE Volatile Economy: Tips

Cash is crucial for the survival of a business. Experts often comment that a business can survive even at a loss, but it cannot survive without cash. A business requires cash for almost everything, from the payment of salaries, taxes, suppliers, and so on. In a volatile economy like the UAE, […]

Understanding Corporate Tax in the UAE: Your FAQs

The introduction of corporate tax in the UAE is opening new dimensions to the tax landscape for businesses. Therefore, businesses need to understand and navigate compliance requirements and other corporate tax considerations. In this blog, we are addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) for a better understanding of corporate tax in the […]